Clerk / Network Administrator


  • Processed approximately forty thousand Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias Confidential Case Reports a year.
  • Communicate regularly with hospitals and nursing homes to ensure reporting is performed in a correct and accurate manner. 
  • Perform quality control procedures to ensure that the data is of the utmost accuracy. 
  • Designed and computerized quality control system for the tracking of reports returned to the appropriate facilities for correction and verification.


  • Oversee and perform system administration of a hundred user local area network. 
  • Organize and configure network resources to communicate with the network to include workstations, printers, fax server and network application software. 
  • Responsible for the researching and ordering of IBM compatible PCs and related equipment for end user use, and the installation and configuring of the purchased equipment.
  • Optimize network performance through scheduled preventive maintenance and ensure data integrity through daily backups.
  • Generate documentation and provide training in network and PC resources to system users when necessary.